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Spice Expert is the leader in sales of spices in Uzbekistan

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The main activity of Spice Expert is the production and wholesale of top-quality spices and flavoring.

We provide large supermarket chains in Uzbekistan, the Russian Federation and Belarus (in the USA it is possible to order through Amazon) with our own production. More than 100 large supermarkets, more than 1500 shops and more than 2000 restaurants and cafes are already cooperating with us.

Spice Expert cherishes a long tradition of production of spices. Our products undergo a careful selection and multi-level cleaning. Here you can find the most famous and rare types of spices.

Considering that each spice has its own shelf life, we select the packaging, which allows the products to retain their aroma and beneficial properties for longer.

Our production

For your convenience, we have developed several types of packages of different weight categories. Being absolutely sealed, it provides an opportunity to see the products and feel the aroma, being absolutely airtight

Accessories for spices

  • Set of 6 jars
  • Set of 16 jars
  • Mechanical mills
  • Electric mills

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Benefits of spices

Adding spices and flavorings to various dishes not only gives taste and aroma, but also helps to improve digestion, strengthens immune system and gives energy.

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