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The assortiment of our products ranges from the most popular
to very rare types, which provides the culinary lovers with the field for
making their masterpieces

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About company

We started our history in 2014 with the production of spices for the market of Uzbekistan. Now, Spice Expert has got over 60% in this segment, becoming the leader in sales in Uzbekistan.

Since 2018, the Spice Expert brand has been available in the Republic of Belarus and the United States (through the Amazon service). We are constantly expanding not only the range of products, but also our geography. Very soon Spice Expert will be available in Russia and other CIS countries.

Natural spices

Our spices and flavorings do not contain salt and other food fillers. Spice Expert offers all kinds of spices and flavorings, even for the most strict culinary lovers.

We visited many countries and personally visited exotic plantations where spices are grown. We deliver the best black pepper from Vietnam, exotic turmeric and cardamom from India, real flavored cinnamon from Sri Lanka and gourmet vanilla from Madagascar.

Our production

Design packaging

Our packaging is our pride! We became the first company in Uzbekistan producing spices in transparent vacuum packaging. Sealed and comfortable, they allow you to see the spices, while preserving their aroma and beneficial properties.

We produce spices and flavorings:

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